What should Newbie Bloggers expect from an SEO Campaign 2018

Are you starting a new SEO campaign for your new blog? Well, if you are then you need to understand SEO very well. SEO can be a great way to attract more leads and customers. We all think that SEO is a magic bullet that we all have been missing from our blogging lives. SEO is supposed to bring us a lot of traffic and sustain us over time if done correctly. The truth is, however, using SEO is just like any other strategy for online growth. It takes a lot of time, patience and planning to pull off well.

What to expect from an SEO campaign

SEO requires a lot of work

SEO is a bit different from other marketing strategies and understanding these differences will help us stay on course for running and measuring a successful SEO campaign. Patience is a virtue and that couldn’t be more with SEO. Approach SEO as a long term practice that builds long-term value and takes time to do the following:

  • Execute strategy
  • Research keywords
  • Create content
  • Build links
  • Resolve technical issues

SEO is a never ending process

There is always work to be done. SEO is not a one-time project. It’s a process that you will continue for the long run. Search engines don’t interact with your site immediately. It takes time for them to discover changes to your content, new links to your pages and overall structure of your website and it will take them more time to put all of those factors in their algorithms to recess your relevancy and authority before those changes are reflected in the search results. Being patient and true to your strategy will help you stay focused on the SEO process that you have laid out.

SEO will change with time

Another thing to expect from SEO is change within the search engine. It’s important to accept that we have no control over this. Search engines are always trying to improve their product to deliver results that people want. Sometimes these changes are algorithmic or change in features or others ways of presenting content to users. Search engines will always keep changing to enhance the user experience so it’s in our best interest to work with these changes as best we can.

Realize your audience

One of the biggest expectations from a successful SEO campaign is to realize that you are optimizing your site for two audiences – search engine and real human beings. It’s easy to focus on what search engines will like about our site, but the real audience that generates business on your site are people. Well, they may never find us if we don’t show up in the search results page. It’s people that drive the bottom-line and the fortunate thing is search engines know that. The ultimate goal of a search engine is to generate search results that people will find useful and helpful. If you build an authority and create content that is interesting to people keeping user friendliness in mind search engines will reward you for that.

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