How to know that your Web Designer knows enough about SEO?

Each of the business owners in the market wants that the main website of his organization or company must get higher ranking in the search engine results as this will increase the number of visitors on the website and chances of getting customers will also increase. In order to make it possible it becomes important that a website is search engine optimized.


Actually, the web designer who is responsible for designing of the attractive design of the website also needs to take care of the SEO part from the beginning itself. This is because, in today’s time, the design part and the SEO part of the website go simultaneously at the same time. Hence it is important that the web designer you hire has the significant knowledge of SEO beforehand.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the points which will enable you to know whether your web designer has good knowledge of SEO or not.

Does your web designer have a good knowledge of SEO?

Search Engine Friendly URL

 To make a website SEO friendly, the first step is that the URL of the website must be clear and comprehensible. The keywords that are integrated into the URL are read by Google which is then interpreted to recognize the web page. In this way, Google ranks a particular page based on the search query that is run by the user through Google search engine. Hence the web designers should be aware of the common keyword phrases which are used by users to search content related to the website he is designing. This will make it easier for the designer to incorporate the keywords into the URL.

Responsive Mobile Design

Since the time smartphones have become popular among the mobile phone users, it has revolutionized the way the internet was used or accessed earlier. Smartphones have replaced the desktops computers as the main device for accessing the internet. Hence it makes it necessary to design the websites which are mobile friendly. The web designer should take care of this concept as Google also has released a mobile-friendly algorithm which gives higher ranking to responsive websites which are mobile friendly. Hence all of those websites which are not designed based on mobile design will get lower ranks in the search results.

Giving Importance to Websites Speed

Nowadays the load time of the website or page plays an important role in making a user stick to a website or move away from it quickly. This makes the page load time an important aspect of the SEO. Google also gives higher ranking to the websites which load faster or whose page load time is less. Research says if the website doesn’t load in 2-3 seconds then more than half of the users will switch to other sites. There are many ways in which a web designer can optimize a website which includes compressing and optimizing the images used on the website, setting up a CDN, writing compact and clean code etc.

Implementing Clean Code

How a website appears largely depends on the coding that has been done on the backend of the website. The web designer should keep in mind that the website should not be filled with too many items that will make it difficult to understand what information is relevant and what is not. If the developer is good then he will give a great design to a website even by implementing the lesser code. Search engine crawlers are not able to clearly read those websites that have unclear and un-comprehensible code in it.

Easy Navigation on the Website

The users and the search engines will prefer that website which is clear and easy to navigate. The menus which are included on the website should provide the relevant and required information to the users and should be functional and working. All the pages should be linked properly so that the users can go through all of the relevant information from which they came to the website while searching. If the users will find it difficult to navigate through the websites, then they will not stay longer on it. Hence it is the prime responsibility of the web designer to provide a simple yet elegant design to the websites.


The web designer which is working in your organization for building websites should follow the above given points and concepts regarding SEO during the design process. These concepts and steps will enable the website to be optimized for search engine and thus will attract a large volume of traffic over it. If the designer knows all the concepts of SEO, makes right choices and implements them well then the website will maintain a higher ranking in the search engine results even in the long run and the business of the client will flourish.

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