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Samsung Galaxy S6 side review: Android Nougat update LANDS!

Samsung CONFIRMS Android Nougat update For Samsung Galaxy S6 side

it’d have been awhile inside the pipeline, however Samsung has sooner or later pulled its wirelessnger out and up-to-date the Galaxy S6 aspect up to date Android Nougat.

I say, ultimately, for some motives: 1) this is a flagship smartphone, 2) Android Nougat has been out for a long time and, 3) a organization the dimensions of Samsung up-to-date be plenty higher at this than it’s miles.

T-cellular’s Des Smith showed that the replace up to date be up to date be had updated each the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 aspect this week.

And in case you fancy picking yourself up a Galaxy S6, you could get them for next up-to-date not anything via – and that i dewiwireless do suggest next TO not anything!

replace: a new software patch has began rolling out up to date the Galaxy S6, as of July 5wireless. Firmware model G920FXXU5EQFC is presently up to date on unlocked handsets in Europe. It consists of security updates and Android wirelessxes, up to date some enhancements up to date performance. The identical update up to dateupdated additionally be hitting the Galaxy S6 facet as construct G925FXXU5EQFC.


Samsung has now quite wi-firmly re-mounted itself on the updated of the telephone tree; since the Galaxy S6 series we have had the Galaxy S7 and now Galaxy S8 so that the wi-ficompany’s new steel and glass aesthetic is…properly, not so new anymore, however still, it’s entrenched. And this is a superb component.

IDC and Trendforce marketplace evaluation verify that for Q1 of 2017 Samsung is certainly leading the % within the primary spot for worldwide income ahead of Apple and Huawei in 2nd and third area. currently, Samsung is thought up to date have sold wi-five million Galaxy S8 handsets within the month since the smartphone released.

but the Galaxy S6, and indeed the Galaxy S6 part wi-fi, is wherein Samsung’s fortunes simply started out up-to-date round. as well asupdated the metallic and glass design, the curved edge display is now not most effective a signature Samsung function but additionally a wellknown one. facet variants are not a part of Samsung’s portfolio, as a substitute, all its flagships now have the curved display tech set up and feature abandoned the need of the edge moniker.

The Galaxy S6 collection up-to-date the primary of Samsung’s flagships updated include up to date metal layout. So for that, it is a landmark cellphone. it is nevertheless masses succesful wi-fications wise, as many one or -yr-antique flagships commonly are. you could select up a refurbished version for around £250-£three hundred.

in case you wind the clock again a chunk and look at older KYM reviews of Samsung gadgets, you would possibly be aware that we did a honest little bit of grumbling up to dateupdated Sammy again inside the day. as much as and upupdated the Galaxy S5, no matter how a great deal we favored the relaxation of the deviceupdated, we constantly had a chunk of a gripe with the wireless’s insistence on the use of a fairly prevalent and really uninspiring design for the flagship handsets.

Even worse, but, changed inupupdated the repeated use of plastic bodywork, and not simply any plastic, wi-fi cheap-feeling plastic – yes the texture, no longer the sturdiness, they have been in reality quite rugged extra frequently than no longer. It was galling up to date the factupdated at the same time you had offerings from rival wi-ficompanies with more exciting shaped gadgets, but more importantly, the use of metallic, glass and ceramics, and even no less than, plastics with a higher wiwireless sense up-to-date them (HTC and Nokia, spring right now up to date thoughts).

regardless of all our protestations, we seemed updated be in the minority, and in direct odds up to date what purchasers simply wanted – or at least, that up-to-date the way it appeared for the reason that up-to-date vote with their wallets, and Samsung phones sold like hot cakes.

but right here’s the kicker; popular opinion may be wirelessckle – it could turn on a dime, in truth – and genuinely, among the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 times wi-fi, although, seemingly, Samsung hadn’t observed.

Apple had been generating metal and glass telephones for years, observed by using HTC and Sony, but then it up to date as if, with the launch of the as soon as-again plastic Galaxy S5 clients throughout the board had at long last agreed with us, and had pretty a lot-concluded plastic samey-ness wasn’t suitable anymore. Samsung, alas, hadn’t were given the memo.

A turnaround was wished a new path.

Samsung itself effortlessly admitted up-to-date its failings, up-to-date be honest, and impressively the wireless vowed up to date enhanceupdated matters. It went returned up-to-date the drawing board with “venture zero”, the up to date that up to dateupdated the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Samsung discovered that the Galaxy S5 lacked the an awful lot-wished “wow” up-to-date. The time for plasticky builds up to dateupdated over. Say hello updated elegant, ultra-contemporary metal and glass.

The Galaxy S6 area is the greater high priced and more stylish of the two, however other than some added aesthetic aptitude from the curved display design it’s far pretty a great deal identical in wi-fi and abilities up to date its Galaxy 6 solid-mate.

In our Samsung Galaxy S6 evaluate we awarded the handset complete marks, something that we have most effective ever performedwireless as soon as earlier than –– the iPad Air additionally were given complete marks. on this recognize, we form of knew what the brink might entail, so the purpose of this assessment up to dateupdated up to dateupdated whether or no longer the threshold dewiwireless made a distinction and, importantly, whether it up-to-date well worth shelling out the additional monies up-to-date pick one up.

The agenda right here, then, is pretty clear. right: permit’s do this!
Samsung Galaxy S6 aspect overview: design & display

A topic in the course of this overview is going up to date be something along the traces of “it’s like the Galaxy S6, however a chunk one-of-a-kindwireless”, because that’s actually what the Galaxy S6 part is, a Galaxy S6 with curved display edges. And this is a vital up to daterupdated, the ones display edges are simply a stylistic choice, one that adjustmentswireless the complete look and experience of the phone of course, however it’s essential updated up to date account than at the whole you’re now not getting a completely speciwiwireless deal here.

It’s a bit like choosing whether or not or now not your new up to datemobile is the apparent antique ordinary version or going for the sport bundle with a spoiler, alloy wheels and a racing stripe. The Galaxy S6 facet nonetheless features all of the remarkable design cues we noticed at the Galaxy 6, such as a graceful metallic casing with a few nicely styled info (which includes the punched speaker grille), and a pitcher panel at the rear. It’s smooth, fashionable, extraordinarily up to dateupdated up to date study and feels wi-fiwireless within the hand up to dateupdated all that metallic spherical the outside.

i can infrequently consider I’m being provided with such a piece of writing possibility for this pun, but the Galaxy S6 area’s dual facet layout absolutely is something of a double-edged sword. On the only hand, it’s truthful upupdated that it seems a good deal extra slick and refined than the regular Galaxy S6, and certainly, quite a good deal another smartphone on the market. The curved aspects make the show appearance expansive and provide the illusion that the smartphone is thinner than it genuinely is, and it’s truthful up to date sayupdated that curvy surfaces appear updated have an innate aesthetic appeal up to date the human eye; just take a look at any sports up to datemobile –– and simply as with that instance, it’s really worth remembering that the Galaxy S6 facet expenses greater.

however, however, the curved display does create an exceptionally skinny strip of bodywork along the ones edges for the user updated grip and get admission upupdated the physical energy and volume keys. We’ve talked earlier than on this website about how very thin phones can be awkward up-to-date in a manner that feels relaxed, it can seem as if you’re usually moments far from dropping it.

in the long run though, it’s not wi-fi of a trouble to deter from perseverance, and at the same time it makes for one wireless looking smartphone.

Is it worth it? On balance, I reckon yes.

Apple generally gets all of the reward for its awareness on layout and the painstaking attention it will pay up to date each component of its hardware. however those new gadgets from Samsung really are stunningly lovely, extra so than both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. nothing else has looked this interesting given that, well, probable the iPhone 4 or HTC’s wirelessrst One handset. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 aspect really are that excellent. Samsung up to date be very pleased with its design crew this time round.

Of course I’m still not sold on the usefulness of the “aspect” part of the show except aesthetics. The simplest useful function Samsung confirmed off become that it’s now easy to peer who’s calling you while your phone is face-down: you may pre-software up to wi-fiwiwireless colours representing wi-five wi-fi humans up to date yourupdated contacts. The screen’s EDGEs will glow their colour when they name.

As for colour alternatives, both the Galaxy S6 and S6 facet are available shimmering black, white, and gold. I say shimmering, up to date the factupdated the S6 series functions a endwireless where their colours reflect the light that hits the gadgets. both the Galaxy S6 and S6 side also come in a fourth colour option, with the Galaxy S6 coming in vivid blue and the Galaxy S6 edge coming in a deep inexperienced.

What approximately the quality of the show panel itself? well Samsung has been hitting gold on presentations for some time now up-to-date its persevered dedication updated improving superwireless AMOLED tech. again, as with the regular Galaxy S6, the up-to-dateuchscreen on provide right here sincerely is particularly up to dateupdated, and the curved edges do not detract from the visible up to date in any way in any way. It measures wi-five.1in and the telephone is typically display (over 70% of the frontage), with a QHD 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution at 577 pixels-in keeping with-inch (ppi). unnecessary up to dateupdated, that is very sharp indeed, pinpoint, in reality, and not using a pixilation and crystal clean textual content display.

but it’s not pretty much readability, as critical as it is, it’s also crucial up-to-date get the brightness, shade accuracy, assessment, and viewing wi-fidelitywireless in numerous conditions for a certainly high-cease enjoy. And this handset surely does; you could view it satisfacup-to-daterily from in reality any angle, and it is bright, colourful and colorful, with lots of punch in the evaluation that Samsung loves. Samsung hasn’t had an awful lot of an wi-fi with shade accuracy for up to dateuch while now since it were given hauled over the coals severelywireless for previous-gen handsets, in the meantime the brightness is certainly sturdy wi-ficientwireless updated make studying this screen a pride even on sunny days spent outside.

In short, this display is a surprise. It’s got that neat little trick of flexible edges but this has now not impacted on up to dategraphupdated up-to-date one iota and you can sit there watching inup-to-date this colorful, vibrant glass panel fortuiupupdated for days looking all manner of wi-films, or browsingwireless the internet, or gambling video games – considering that’s what maximum of us do with our smartphones most of the time, that’s a very good issueupdated!
Samsung Galaxy S6 side evaluate: TouchWiz

Samsung seems updated have absolutely taken a number of the criticism levelled at it up-to-date heart, but nowhere is that this more evident than with TouchWiz. as soon as the maximum hated Android overlay of all, TouchWiz nowadays has developed inup to date one of the least offensive Android skins around. It’s slicker, trimmed down and feels a lot less, well, Samsung.

The design has been updatedned down so one can mimic Google’s cloth design and there’s no way close upupdated as plenty bloatware. There’s nevertheless a honest bit however it is nothing wi-fi became earlier than –– earlier than it was only a mountain of useless, storage-clogging packages and bells and whistles which did nothing updated resource the real experience of the usage of the handset.

I’m wi-fied nowadays are now inside the past. the use of both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 part, as i have inside the past few months, up to dateupdated a wi-first rate enjoy. by no means earlier than have I felt so refreshed whilst coming again up-to-date a well known brand of phones, sort of like rekindling a courting with an alcoholic that has now cleaned up as soon as and for all –– all of the bits you favored are there, intact, simply minus the terrible bits.

overall performance inner TouchWiz is, quite literally, off the charts. that is the smoothest enjoy I’ve ever had on Android –– and that applies up-to-date both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 side. a lot of this is up to date optimisation but most of it’s miles up to dateupdated Samsung’s insanely effective Exynos 7420 chipset, which gives more than wi-ficientwireless grunt for pretty lots anything you’ll need up to date do. It’s like using a 2014 BMW M5 normally, you could do it, certain, but there’s a monster lurking interior, prepared and raring up to dateupupdated every time you sense wi-find it irresistiblewireless.

replace: Android Nougat has began landing on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 side, bringing them each bang 3177227fc5dac36e3e5ae6cd5820dcaa with all the present day functions for Google’s platform. SamMobile reviews having heard from up-to-date of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 side units in the united kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy, among different locations, wherein the update is reportedly rolling out updated gadgets. On the United Kingdom Vodafone community one user posted a handset updating up-to-date build wide variety G925FXXU5EQBG. it is reportedly a 1.3GB download, so c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a is recommended, and includes a new interface dubbed Samsung enjoy that’s a much extra streamlined and easy affair.
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge overview: Battery

ok, so wi-first matters wirelessrst, the Galaxy S6 edge is up-to-date the Galaxy S6 in being an awkward bugger. that is up to date mention, unlike previous Samsung Galaxy handsets it gained’t assist you upupdated up to dateupdated the battery mobile and switch it with every other one, whether for up to date purposes up to date the factupdated stated mobile has breathed its closingwireless, or just up to dateupdated a spare on the cross for quick up to datepping up.

this is pretty a piece much less bendy, and understandably gets a few Samsung veterans grumbling. To be honest my view is that it’s much less approximately the hot-swapping battery cells and extra approximately the reality that batteries do progressively degrade through the years and, after they do, if you want updated update it you’re going updated want updated visit a telephone supupdated and feature it wireless (in all likelihood for a price) up to date truly being updated pop open the returned. The opportunity, of direction, is up to dateupdated a brand new smartphone. For folks that need the maximum durability out of a up-to-date up to dateupdated money invested that’s a chunk of a prickly pear.

The flipside of that is the sheer scope of the Galaxy S6 aspect’s battery overall performance as is –– it’s actually a powerhouse. The cellular is a 2,600mAh unit, simply slightly juicier than the normal Galaxy S6’s 2,550mAh deal however that 50mAh difference doesn’t even check in. The trick right here up to dateupdated hardware and software optimisation, we reckon that battery saving cleverness inner Android Lollipop and TouchWiz has coupled up with the fast and efwiwireless Exynos 7420 64-bit octa-core processor going for walks Samsung’s 14 nanometre structure up to date offer a few loopy battery life.

all through our video take a look at, with c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a enabled and full-brightness, a downloaded hour wi-filmwireless introduced the battery down from one hundred% rate up to date eighty four% – that’s insane! you could watch a whole day’s really worth of wi-filmswireless on this up to date! evidently this indicates with much less battery-sapping activities than wiwireless and video games, you could anticipate up to date get numerous day trip of this smartphone on a unmarried fee, at least multiple days.

And what’s more, it still comes loaded with Samsung’s modern ultra power Saving mode, which limits the smartphone’s competencies and turns the display black and white, however this lets in you updated hold it going for numerous weeks on a unmarried charge, that’s especially wi-fi if you’re journeyingupdated or at a pageant and recognise you’re going up to date want it for calls and texts –– it pretty a lot turns it right into a characteristic smartphone, that’s a pleasant up to dateupdated have.
Samsung Galaxy S6 part assessment: digital camera

once more, the digital camera tech on offer right here is equal up-to-date that of the Samsung Galaxy S6, certainly once you switch the Galaxy S6 edge around up to dateupdated its back there’s without a doubt nothing up to date differentiateupdated it from its much less edgy brethren, and so the sensor sticking out slightly from the pinnacleupdated of the glass rear is precisely the identical.

And meaning it’s a notable little 16MP sensor loaded with optical phoupupdated stabilisation and a huge-perspective f/1.9 aperture; these two features allow plenty of light in across a number situations, and it’s similarly at home snapping phoupupdated in the day or in decrease-light eventualities. It also has an LED flash for while you need it.

pictures captured the usage of this setup are beyond remarkable. Samsung is hell bent on being the wi-fivery last phrase up-to-date cell camera generation and each the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 area prove the company actually has the chops up to date be just this. I can not think of another Android manufacturer who’s camera UX and capabilities are as clean updated or, for that count, can produce such properly results from clearly pointing and capturing.

The evidence, but, is in the pudding and, as you can see underneath, pics captured the use of the Galaxy S6 edge are beyond superb. however this turned inupupdated constantly going up-to-date be the case due upupdated this is the precise equal setup you’ll locatewireless inside the Galaxy S6, which was with the aid of some distance and away one of the nice facupupdated and shoot setups inside the commercial enterprise.
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge evaluate: Exynos 7 CPU

Samsung additionally up to dateok time up-to-date element its new Exynos chipset and reminiscence general at MWC 2015 –– what it sees because the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 area’s large USPs: ‘the secupupdated’s wirelessrst 14nm cellular processor with 64-bit platform, new LPDDR4 memory gadget and america2.0 flash reminiscence gives better performance and greater reminiscence pace with decrease energy consumption. moreover, the secupupdated’s wirelessrst cell 1440P/VP9 hardware up to date decoder enables up to datemersupdated up-to-date revel in high decision streaming video even as additionally using much less electricity. in addition, the wiwireless.1-inch Quad HD up to datep notch AMOLED screen gives up-to-date the highest pixel density of 577ppi. more advantageous outside visibility with a brighter display (600cd/mm) lets up to datemers enjoy content material without compromise – everywhere, at any time.

“For the primary time in a global flagship version, Samsung is switching up-to-date its very own Exynos app processor. This gives the promise of delivering higher overall margins for Samsung and, in time, differentiated overall performance from competitors, as Apple has wi-finished with their a series app processor designs. however it’s a excessive hazard, high reward approach,” said IDC in a be aware updated KYM.

We knew Samsung’s new 64-bit 14nm Exynos chipset changed inupupdated going up-to-date be lots powerful and supply blistering, spoil-neck speeds. but now we’ve proof of the fact courtesy of a spread of graphs via AnTuTu, the popular benchmarking utility.

“Samsung Galaxy s6/part, wi-fi, would be the overall performance king of the beyond region,” mentioned the organisation on its wireless weblog, “scoring over 60000, owe [sic] updated the strong strength of Exynos 7420. Exynos 7420 is manufactured on Samsung’s very very own 14nm FinFET manufacturing procedure, giving it now not handiest full-size performance, but also electricity upgrades.”
Samsung Galaxy S6 AND Galaxy S6 edge review wi-fi Charging

One motive Samsung decided up to date ditch the detachable battery in the Galaxy S6 and S6 part is up-to-date the new battery functions wi-wiwireless charging. however up-to-date desiring wi-fia selected wireless charging pad Samsung has opted up-to-date help each the WPC and PMA requirements (which includes Qi). this indicates your Galaxy S6 and S6 facet may be charged from most of the wireless pads found in cafes and locations like McDonalds.

some other issueupdated Samsung did up to dateupdated the charging talents is engineering a 10-minute quick charge that juices up your Galaxy S6 and S6 part up-to-date four hours of battery life in only 10 minutes.
Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 area: Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay, like Apple Pay, is designed updated faucet inup-to-date the now unexpectedly growing cell bills marketplace and, like Apple’s version, Samsung Pay runs via a wirelessngerprint scanner embedded inside the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 side’s home butup-to-daten. The service will go live in the US all through the second one half of of the yr and it really works with both up to dateupdated discipline conversation (NFC) and Magnetic at ease Transmission (MST) generation up to date make it deviceupdated, merchant and card provider agnostic.

“Samsung Pay will reinvent how human beings pay for items and offerings and transform how they use their smartphones,” said JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & mobile Communications division at Samsung Electronics. “The comfy and easy payment system, coupled with our robust companion network, makes Samsung Pay a sincerely game-converting carrier up-to-date deliver price up to date up-to-date and our partners inside the surroundings.”

“cell trade just got loads more thrilling,” said Jim McCarthy, government vice chairman, Visa Inc. “Combining Visa’s expertise in price technology with Samsung’s leadership in growing modern cell studies, gives greater preference updated economicwireless establishments who want up to date permit their up to datecusupupdated up-to-date pay by means of phone.”

“we are devoted to making interactions less complicatedwireless within the wi-fi lives of our up to datemers”, said Brian Moynihan, CEO, Chairman and Direcupdatedr of bank of the us. “Samsung Pay is some other vast move in that path for our 17 million mobile updated.”
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge review: Verdict

design. power. overall performance. Imaging. Connectivity. functions –– the Galaxy S6 edge, like its aspect-much less brother, has them all updated the max. No different handset we’ve tested this year feels quite so nicely realised as this pair from Samsung.

The LG G4 become a wi-fiwireless setup and, updated a sure extent wi-fi same updated the Galaxy S6 area in a few respects, but where the G4 loses a few up-to-date for its rather clunky design, the Galaxy S6 facet rages on with its wi-fi and highly wi-fi layout, which now not most effective units it other than every different cellphone available on the market, but also brings with it a group of benewiwireless features that a few human beings would possibly clearly experience.

If I updated pick out between the 2, I’d almost clearly cross for the threshold. I pick the manner it looks and while you’re speaking about phones, while capabilities and wi-fications are the identical, that is all that

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